Wednesday, 2 June 2010

It's a bad sign when.. google yourself to see what people you're getting into fights with online who know your full real name will find if THEY google you.

Guys, that should NEVER be a concern.

What do people find when they google me? Oh god. Well mostly, random listings websites that don't really do anything other than list my name. But also, a link to my poetry on a writing website (I tried to erase that link but it didn't work. Damnit! It's *very* incriminating.), pictures of me on my wedding day, my goodreads account (not terribly incriminating, that) and a bunch of dud links to my facebook account (which is so private that even if you click on them and search, knowing my full name, you get nada)

Once again I am kind of floored by the internet and the scary scary things on it. I'm also now stuck in the whole cycle of clicking through the profiles of people I used to know, to be friends with...getting sucked into that vortex of pain is NOT goodtimes.

But hey, at least if the people I'm in a dispute with see my crazy 16-yr-old poetry, they'll back the fuck off and leave me alone because they'll assume I'm certifiably insane.

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  1. Ah, yes the curse of juvenalia [shared pain hug].. I remember when a library colleague showed me an early-90s anthology of poetry in which I was published.. am *so* glad it pre-dated the internet!!