Sunday, 14 March 2010

Happy Mothers Day to me!

It's my first Mother's Day today and I am very pleased with it. It's a nice day outside but I am INSIDE, in my pajamas. I had honey and lemon tea brought to me in bed and I got to read a chapter of Wuthering Heights in peace while Mr A dealt with the first nappy of the day (and the two after that!). I didn't get any cards or presents or flowers, but last Sunday was our wedding Anniversary and I still have the massive bunch of flowers he bought me then, and he's giving me a huge doll house as a birthday present in June, and so last week I got a lovely box delivered with a bit of furniture and some cats and a conservatory. Yes, I really am one of those crazy doll house people. I know its lame. Really, I do. But I can't help it. I've loved doll houses since I was a little girl. I built them for a while myself. In one house we lived in I had a walk in wardrobe and I turned it into a doll house. I didn't have money to buy the lovely 'proper' doll house stuff so I made do, building furniture out of toy construction kits, making food and dolls out of plasticine, using anything and everything I could find that I could turn into something for it. I only really stopped playing with it altogether when I was 15 and ran out of space in the tiny house we'd moved into. We're currently negotiating exactly what house to get, but he's given me an unreasonably large amount of money to spend on it. Sickeningly large. I think he's just very pleased that he never has to think too hard about what to get me for my birthday/christmas ever again!

Anyway, I'm going to totter off and carry on enjoying my mothers day. It's the biggest scam mothers ever invented. It's basically an excuse to lie in bed and have other people do the chores you don't want to. Brilliant! Whoever invented it is a genius.

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