Saturday, 20 November 2010

Hello chums

I'm still alive.

Things are just...things. Mr A is buzzing with nerves about a promotion, we've decided where we're moving to in March, I've been looking more deeply into immigration stuff for the move to Australia in 2011, Baby AB is now a Toddler, having discovered the ability to walk, she has 8 teeth coming through right now and we're trying to lay down the motherfuckin' law when it comes to breastfeeding, because feeding constantly to the level we were doing it was killing my soul.

So it's all been very....very. I'm so tired all the time but also so blank and uninspired and empty. I'm less depressed than I've been in a while but I'm feeling it more for some reason.

I have my physio assessment on Monday. I'm....nervous. I've all but weaned myself off my painkillers and I'm scared that I'll get in there are they'll ask me why the fuck I'm there.

Ho hum. Ho hum.


  1. Are you coming to Tasmania? It is the best bit of Australia

  2. I got better when I stopped breastfeeding Amy (and then got crappy again because I got pregnant), something to do with hormones and extra laxity.

    The phyio will probably pick up things that you're not noticing. It will be fine (I hope).


  3. Kim: No, QLD (mining country, to be more precise), but I want to visit Tassie. I want to see it alllll. Except the outback, which I have some sort of irrational fear of.