Wednesday, 5 January 2011

To 350D or not to 350D, that is the question.

When I was a teenager, I was a member over at My fellow London members were my only real friends. They were the group I hung out with and we had a circle of people that was just like a 'real life' circle of friends, except instead of meeting at school or whatever, we originally met online.
Within this circle, photographers made up the bulk of the artists. This meant we spent a lot of time talking technicalities. A lot of time. I soon learned to covet certain camera's, and among them was the Canon EOS 350D. I wanted a DSLR so bad. It pulled at my soul and everytime I'd fiddle with one of the boys' camera I'd practically salivate. I never got my DSLR from my parents, because the thought (fairly, to be honest) that I wasn't responsible with my belongings. I would have been with a DSLR, but I don't blame them for not trusting me.
A couple of years ago I was at a family event for my husband's family, and I wandered off with one of my father-in-law's millions of camera's to take pictures of horses and avoid the awkward lull in conversation that developed whenever I came near. I fell in love all over again. I took some absolutely stunning pictures despite not knowing a thing about the camera I was using. It was amazing, and I went home feeling a bit sad I had to leave it where it was. But DSLR's are expensive. I knew I'd never afford one, I just let it go.

Last christmas, I didn't really get any presents. We didn't have any money, and there wasn't anything I wanted. We kept saying we'd put it off til I found something I wanted. My birthday came round and it was much the same thing. Not much money, nothing I wanted. I was supposed to go to a comedy show with Mr A but A.B was refusing to drink anything and we couldn't leave her for long enough and we very unhappily had to cancel. For this Christmas just passed, I was supposed to be getting a backpiece tattoo as a BIG present for all the presents I'd missed out on. Then we realised that because of my moles, I'm going to need to have my back examined for changes fairly regularly and covering up a bunch of marks with a tattoo is not conducive to appropriate and regular checks of mole size. Damnit. So I started thinking of what else I could get. Mr A had vaguely suggested the idea of getting me a new digital camera as a smaller present before christmas, but I'd dismissed the idea. But slowly last night, I came around.

And so I did it. I 350D'd.



    I have an entry level DSLR (1000D) and I want to upgrade. But really, the 1000d works for me and I can bend it to do what I want, mostly.

  2. To be honest, I think unless you're taking pictures for a living, DSLR's are much of a muchness. The so called 'entry level' camera's are *superb* and produce some amazing stuff. I've seen your pictures V, and they're phenomonal!
    Knowing I'm only really ever going to use it to take 'snaps' and maybe as an excuse to get some alone time, I'm quite happy I found a bargain second hand 350D for £250 (although I'd love a bigger display, like the 1000D). My inner 16 year old is practically collapsing with joy, like a dog in a puddle!

  3. I know nothing about camera's so not qualified to comment. Just looking forward to photo's. Happy New Year.