Saturday, 11 September 2010

House of the Rising Temperature

I am absent. I came down with the worst stomach bug I've ever had in my life on Wednesday, Mr A had to take two days off work to look after me except that he got sick so instead of looking after me he fell asleep a lot and then didn't eat the food I dragged myself out of bed to make us. Because it was burnt. Because I was trying not to pass out while I cooked.

So I have stuff to say, but I will say it after I'm feeling a bit better. I haven't had a proper meal since Tuesday and I've lost 4lbs, which is fucking annoying and made me cry, because for the first time in months I was over 93lbs. I am so weak and tired, even though I've been over the worst since Wednesday night (when we had to call an ambulance because I passed out, hit my head and was convulsing on the floor. Good times.) I'm still so out of it and haven't recovered myself properly.

Somebody wrote on my facebook status 'You get sick so often!' and I felt taken aback, then defensive, then like screaming. Rightly or wrongly, I read it as 'Shut up, you attention seeking bint, and take some vitamins.' Yes, I do get sick so often, because my body is incapable of taking care of itself. Thanks for the unnecessary reminder. Will you let George Osbourne know? Only he seems to think that I don't spend every day of my life in pain, with the intermittent day of vomiting so hard and so often that I shit myself. He seems to think I just need a good kick up the bum to get me back out into the workforce.

Isn't it good that there are other people around to tell me about my life? I'd get it all wrong otherwise, wouldn't I?


  1. Hope you feel a whole lot better soon from stomach bug. George Osbourne knows jack $%it! You know it, I know it, anyone with a disability knows it, it just seems that he doesn't.

  2. He really is the most enormous arsehole. The whole lot of them are. Everytime some new benefit decision is made it's about fucking DLA or IB and my heart sinks and I feel hot and sweaty and dizzy.
    If only someone who actually had a bloody clue what was really going on out there was in charge, rather than some jacked up public schoolboy heir-to-an-estate who's never had to worry about being sick or poor in his whole fucking LIFE, and never will. The amount he's cheated the tax-payer out of in his second-home-expenses-scandal ALONE is TEN YEARS worth of Higher rate DLA for Mobility AND Care. How the fuck does he justify THAT to himself?

    Bah. I cn't even think about this, it's literally giving me a headache.

  3. You aren't having the best run are you? I've been battling colds and infections and stomach bugs too, feel like shit. Ugh. So lots of empathy from me.

    I still think you've got EDS, which would explain all your issues, but that's me and I can't give you a nifty bit of paper to use to tell people to shut the f up.


    Hope you're well on the mend now, I truly do.

  4. V: Well hopefully the Rheum Doctor will tell me tomorrow. I'm crapping myself, terrified I'm not going to say the right thing, considering not taking my painkillers because I'm worried I might look too well(!!), worried they won't tak m seriously, that I'll forget what I need to say....there's a whole lot of panic going on!