Friday, 26 February 2010

No child should get a headstone as a birthday present

But that's just what Scott got, this year.
A friend of mine very sadly lost her child a year ago today. She had to terminate her pregnancy for medical reasons. Every day since then she has lived with the pain of the child she lost. She is pregnant again now and pulling her life back together. She's one of the bravest women I know. Today she will spend the day with him at his grave, his shiny, newly-installed headstone a present that absolutely no child should have for their first birthday.
My spiritual beliefs don't really give me any guidance in this situation, and that hurts. Most religions have a plan for death, an outline, an inkling. It's comforting. Mine say 'You just have to trust the universe' and so I do. I trust the universe is looking after Scott. I trust he somehow understands that his mother loves him. I trust he is looking after his new baby brother or sister.
Happy Birthday, Scott.

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